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Got Back Pain? What Are You Waiting For, Create Your Own Back Pain Remedy

If you have back pain there is no doubt that you are looking for a back pain remedy. There is nothing like pain to remind you that you need to find a fix and hopefully a permanent fix for your pain. This article is for people who have recurring back pain and have not been able to find permanent relief. It is assumed that you have seen a doctor for your pain and if you haven’t then be sure to seek medical help to be sure there is nothing seriously wrong with your back.

Often what works for one person doesn’t work for another. I suffered for years from severe back pain and it took me a long time to come up with what I call my “recipe” for back pain relief.

You see I needed to change several things in my life before I was able to stabilize my back. The most effective changes we made in our lives were to buy a good mattress and to incorporate more exercise in to our lives.

So think of things you could do differently that could help your back. You can actually come up with your own back pain remedy. Here are some things to consider:

1. What level of activity do you incorporate into your life? Are you active, somewhat active, or stagnate?

2. Do you eat a lot of inflammatory foods such as bread? This can affect your back.

3. Do you use proper lifting techniques?

4. Do you try to use correct posture?

5. Women do you carry a purse? If so, try a fanny pack because this will distribute the weight more evenly instead of on one side of your body.

6. How old is your mattress? It may need to be replaced.

7. Do you drink enough water? Getting adequate water on a daily basis can help back pain.

8. Are you under a lot of stress? Stress definitely contributes to back pain.

These eight things can make a huge difference in your level of pain. Imagine being able to come up with your own back pain remedy without having to spend a fortune at the doctors.

There are remedies for back pain

First Aid Back Pain Exercise for the Lower Back

If you are reading this you have probably experienced acute or chronic back pain in your lifetime. This article is to give you information on what type of back pain exercise is good when you are in severe, acute pain. If you have had back pain you probably already know there are things you should and should not do when you are in severe pain. Of course your doctor should approve any exercise.

When you are in severe pain ask your doctor if you have to stay in bed for longer than two days. Many times resting for longer than two days, and I mean total bed rest, is actually not good and does not help you recover more quickly in fact it can hinder your recovery. I am not trying to get you to push yourself too hard because it is true that your body needs to heal. But I also do not want you to get into a situation where you are not moving and this is increasing your recovery time.

If you cannot do anything else at least try to stand up once a day. Here is a good exercise to do when you are on bed rest. Lie on your stomach and prop yourself up by your elbows. Slowly and gently push up so that your hips remain on the floor and your stomach and chest are lifted up. Do this as far as you can without overextending yourself. After this, roll onto your back and insert a rolled up towel under your lower back.

If you perform this exercise for three or four days and find no relief it may be because your pain is not centered in your lower back. If you feel the pain more to one side than the other you can modify this exercise. The way you do this is to go ahead and lie down. Then shift your hips away from the side with the pain. Then go ahead with the exercise as described in the above.

Other things you can do to help recover move quickly are: don’t slouch, don’t lift anything, try not to drive and above all keep moving as your body allows.

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