It’s not often that we review coaching systems here on the platform, as they are fleeting, however there seems to be one system which is here to stay and this may have something to do with the therapeutic aspect of its approach.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to Ms. Christine Borschneck and her partner David Ellis on the Heart Samadhi System which they have developed together. This was because the editorial teams were reviewing coaching systems and how they match up against each other.  The HEART Samadhi system came in as one of the most complete systems out there, not only because it combines trauma therapy which is always going to be one of the root causes of challenges in the lives of people but it also incorporates a large cross section of Neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy tools in it’s methodologies.

My first question was how did the name Heart Samadhi come about and this was where they each got into their backgrounds. Christine is a Registered massage therapist who has been in the field for over twenty years as well as being a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and an Erotic Blueprint Coach and David is a Master Hypnotherapist who owns a school of hypnotherapy, a Master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic programming, a Master life Coach as well as a Yoga Alliance regstered Experienced Yoga Teacher Trainer and continuing education provider.

So with this acumen the two were able to piece together their combined experience to develop a system which takes into consideration ALL the aspects of the human construction. And when they say ALL, they really mean it. This system seems to leave nothing out in the exploration of the individual. There are aspects of the system which deals with spiritual connection and exercises to help augment your spiritual connection to your partner. The basic versions of this system deal primarily with “taking out he garbage” (David’s words), which essentially means clearing out the limiting belief systems which we harbor and facing the uncomfortable spaces within ourselves that we try to avoid.

In its advanced stages the system, allows people to become their partner’s therapist which means you learn every aspect of the people you choose to be involved with and the ways of healing them and providing tangible and intangible assistance to them. This means learning psychological first aid practices, nutrition, empowerment processes and a host of different specialized and often expensive to learn skills which have been inaccessible to regular people in the past.

So what makes this system unique from other coaching methods? Well its the fact that there are no exploitative upsells or nefarious business practices which attempt to get you to buy in to some belief system. No. this system is come get whatever you want and leave. We at Sahaja wholly appreciate this aspect of this system as we have seen the horrors that has befallen the coaching communities here in the US and Canada.

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