Techno Mind Journeys: A review of Ars Essentia’s new Consciousness Expansion Products

Well the guys at Ars Essentia are at it again with another innovation geared at bridging the gap between the arcane esoteric philosophy and the modern day uses of technology.

This new innovation creates visual worlds through the use of 3D technology for guided meditation products which are really guided meditation, as in the software and hardware creates the world for you so that you are literally inside the meditation.

Of course, being a yoga teacher who offers these meditations in my class, I was naturally skeptical of this concept, but David from Ars Essentia convinced me to give this technology a try and WHOA!!!! i am officially converted.

My trial included wearing a Virtual reality rig with noise cancellation headphones then a supra-liminal hum was placed into the headphones which was honestly a bit annoying at first. The ambient sound cam e next and up to this level I was still unimpressed. My mind can do all of this is what I was saying to myself. I do not need this stuff. The meditation in question was a heart meditation.

What happened next I really did not expect. I suddenly found myself inside a human heart. UHHHH I know what you’re thinking. Impossible right??? No it isn’t. For that matter that was one of the most intense experiences of my life doing trance work. I was literally inside a human heart watching all the functions and the processes. It made me acutely aware of my heart and as the visual changed so did my mind.

I am, to this day reluctant to admit of how deep this experience took me into trance. The combination of supra and sub-liminal codes mixed with ambient sound, the guided meditation of what to move towards and the visuals were so stunning that I just floated off without effort.

I actually want to thank the guys at Ars Essentia for creating this piece of technology as it literally takes the skill level out of concentration and trance work. There is a very fine line between what is real and what is imagined and this new development definitely has the keys to both doors. I look forward to seeing more about this product when it launches in September.


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